How to claim

On our server you can claim and protect your own land! You start with a default amount of 1000 ClaimBlocks and you can buy more ClaimBlocks on our WebShop. You can get 20 claims. By creating a chest, you automatically claim your first small bit of land (10 blocks), to claim larger amounts of land, you'll need to acquire a golden shovel (so start mining)!

On our server, use the stick to see who owns a claim

Claim region commands:

/AbandonClaim – Deletes the claim you're standing in.
/Trust – Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/UnTrust – Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
/AccessTrust – Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust – Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/TrustList – Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/SubdivideClaims – Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.
/BasicClaims – Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.
/PermissionTrust – Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/Untrust All – Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaims – Deletes all of your claims.

To use some commands, you must follow the command with a players
name. For instance, to give trust to player 'Grizzle' I would type:
/Trust Grizzle

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